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Take the First Step to 

Becoming a Better You! 



Live the life you’ve always wanted.

Discover your full potential

with comprehensive coaching services.

Life, Grief, and Spiritual Coach

Would you like to become the person God wants you to be?

Live the life you’ve always wanted! As your life coach, I will support you with

humor, patience, and applying coaching  tools that have been in use since 1984, from the life Purpose Institute.

The goal is to help you feel less burdened with out-of-date perceptions

of yourself and better able to make wiser decisions.

The process of change can be fun, rewarding, hopeful, and energizing!

Awaken to Prosperity and Harmony

Feel More Whole and Balanced

A life coach can help people put into perspective their needs, desires, responsibilities, and goals. The desired outcome is to create a balance of activities, leisure time, and self-care practices to achieve a sense of well-being.

A prosperous and harmonious life is a flourishing, thriving, life of good fortune and success.

Awaken to Peace and Wholeness

Feel Closer to God

A spiritual coach will help with the integration of body, mind, and soul resulting in a sense of peace and wholeness. When we intentionally living according to our beliefs, values, and spirituality, we awaken to a deeper knowing of ourselves and some expression of deity or “Higher Power.” The journey may include either traditional practices or non-traditional practices or a combination of both.

Awaken to Purpose and Direction

Find Joy and Happiness Again 

A grief coach helps people who feel lost and directionless. Transitions and grieving happen after many kinds of losses: death of a loved one, failed relationships, retirement, relocation, and declining health. Loss affects family, caretakers, colleagues, children, and sometimes an entire community. A grieving person undergoes a journey to find a “new normal;” a life filled with purpose and meaning,

once again.

Transitions:  Awakening to the Next Steps

Be pleased with your success!

A transitions coach includes the use of grief, life, and spirituality skills. Do you have a looming project ahead? For example, are you thinking about relocating your life, starting a new career, or beginning retirement? Are you feeling overwhelmed and possibly intimidated into non-action? Do your fears and old tapes prevent you from “letting go” of past physical and emotional baggage?   Do you wonder where to begin with networking and making new friends? I can help you develop a plan and organize your life to start over for a new beginning.    

Services Offered

  • Free 30-Minute Conversation
  • Four Weeks Online Grief Support Group
  • Individual Session of 85 Minutes for $125.00
  • Hour Group Class for Churches & Organizations
  • Individual Session of 45 Minutes for $65.00 

Get discounts for individual sessions when you buy a package of 6 or more at one time. Note that individual sessions include any category or combination of life coaching, grief coaching, and spiritual coaching.

My personal "mixed metaphor" definition of God. 

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