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Words of Encouragement and Wisdom 

 from Linda Huff, Life Coach

I help individuals make the changes

 they need so they can live their life

with meaning and purpose.

(Read my blog below for tips and inspiration.)

When Life Seems Unbearable, I’m Here to Help

Are you struggling with life transitions, career dilemmas, broken relationships,

 or feelings of insecurity? I help individuals make the changes they need,

 so they can live with meaning and purpose. 

Linda's Blog

Life purpose to “Love Just One More Person each day”

It is common say that we need to love everyone.  Love is more than a feeling and yet it is NOT easy to love everyone at once.  I try to remember these wise words: learn to love one more person each day. This attitude would go along way to helping society be less polarized and more united. More to come on this idea.  Check back later. 

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