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Find Meaning,​ Purpose,

and Happiness

I help my ​clients to navigate personal issues and

life transitions through a holistic and faith-based approach.

Rev. Linda M. Huff

Hello! My name is Linda Huff. Welcome to "Awakening to Potential!" I provide coaching services to help clients navigate personal issues and life transitions through a holistic and faith-based approach.

My Story

I am a seeker after truth in both traditional and  non traditional settings. I have lived in Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut for work and education. I am looking forward to returning to Maine, as I approach retirement. It is my childhood home and where  I  learned the values of  nature, community, spirituality, and family. I have my canine companion "Fancy" and  siblings, nieces, nephew, aunts and extended family.  I will assist people who are experiencing transition as a life, spiritual, and grief coach. In my free time, I enjoy walking, gardening, cooking, dog agility classes, yoga, traveling, leading retreats, and sharing concerns about the environment.

    Credentials and Background
  • University of Maine at Farmington – BS 1979
  • Andover Newton Theological Seminary, Newton Centre, MA – Masters of Divinity - 1984
  • Ordination Into the Congregational, United Church of Christ – 1985
  • Pastor and Intentional Interim Minister for 35 Years in UCC Churches (Maine and Connecticut)
  • Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice at Masonicare in Connecticut for 13 Years
  • Attended the Parliament of World Religions in Spain (2004) and Utah (2015)
  • Reader and Member of the Urantia Book Community for Over 30 Years
  • Currently Serving as President of the New England Society UBSCONE
  • Completed Spiritual Life Coach Class from the “Life Purpose Institute” – 2021
  • Workshop - "Love in Action: Grief, Loss, and Advocacy in BIPOC Communities -Spring 2021



The Cry!


Become Alive

Alive to Peace

Alive to Purpose

Alive to Prosperity

Alive to living IN Community

Alive TO God’s loving presence

FOR with God’s Spirit Guidance-- All Things

Awaken to Wholeness and Perfection

Throughout Eternity

© LMH 2021

Quotes and Scripture

“I came that they may have life; and have it abundantly.” – Bible,  John 10:10


"The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act.  Life is but a day's work

- do it well.  The Act is ours; the Consequences God's." – UB paper 48:7.13

Awaken to your potential like the spring flower garden

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