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Your full potential includes

prosperity, peace and purpose

Life Coach

I can help you to feel more whole and balanced.

Spiritual Coach

I can help you to feel closer to God!

Grief Coach

I can help you to awaken to new

purpose and direction.

Transitions Coach

I can help you find direction in times

of transitions.

Contact Information

Awakening to Potential!

Linda Huff: Life, Spiritual, and Grief Coach

Email: lindahuffcoaching

Text or Voicemail: 860-393-0377


"I greatly appreciated the qualities and talents that Linda brought to life coaching, including her loving compassionate nature, depth of spiritual wisdom, good intuition, and good listening skills. She also offered a well-organized, creative, and gentle way of exploring my goals, clarifying values, and offering insightful feedback."

- Dave, New Hampshire

"Linda's gentle, compassionate and insightful guidance has helped me to clarify my goals and the practical steps to take toward actually achieving them.  She has significantly helped me to make real progress in each of the major areas of my life.  I highly recommend her services."  

- Dal, Connecticut

Logo Design

Everyone has an “Eternal-Sacred-God-Given” unique potential.  As we walk forward, toward the light, we grow inwardly. We awaken to our true selves. It is not a solitary journey. We need one another, we need to be IN community, to reach our fullest potential. Sometimes we choose paths, that branch off into unknown directions. That may become our greatest lesson. There is truth, beauty, and goodness inspiring us along the way. The original logo at the top of this page is a combination of my spiritual story, (see "Learn More About Me" button below) and the poem by Robert Frost, "The Road Less Traveled". The design and illustration were created by DaleAnne Lugrin at

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